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Seema Haider to be casted in a film ? Know the truth

Seema Haider: The cross-border love story of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena are making headlines over the last months. Seema who crossed border for her love is undergoing investigation by the UP ATS for entering India illegaly. This Pakistani woman is now offered a film by a renowned producer of Bollywood.

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This Bollywood film producer has offered film to Seema

Seema Haider to be casted in a film ? Know the truth
Seema Haider to be casted in a film ? Know the truth

A well knowned Bollywood film producer Amit Jani has offered a film to Seema Haider. Amit Jani of Meerut runs his own production house in Bombay. Recently the news broke in that he has offered a film to Seema Haider, the Pakistani woman who illegaly entered India for a lover she met on PUBG along with her 4 children. Amit Jani has released a video regarding this matter. In this video he is seen saying that he has offered this film to Seema considering the family’s financial condition.

Let us tell you that earlier during an interview Seema Haider and Sachin Meena confronted media that due to ongoing investigations and regular interviews with news channels, they are not able to go out and work, therefore the financial condition is not stable. They further wrote a letter to police to help them out in this matter and allow them to go out and earn money to attain their basic needs which is right now quite difficult to attain.

Hearing the couple’s financial condition, Amit Jani decided to help them by offering Seema Haider a role for a movie. This is a effort from Amit Jani’s side to help the couple meet their financial ends. He further says that he does not support the fact that Seema entered India “illegaly” but he is aware of the couple’s financial condition and want to help them. Amit Jani wants to cast Seema in film that is related to the murder of Kanhaiya Lal Sahu during Nupur Sharma’s protest.