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Chandrayaan-3: World leaders congratulate PM Modi at BRICS Summit

Several world leaders, including Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the success of Chandrayaan-3 during the banquet supper held during the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

In reference to the Chandrayaan-3 mission on Wednesday, PM Modi stated that it is extremely heartening to see how proud our diaspora in South Africa is of India’s accomplishments in the space industry.

“Feeling the fervour all the way from Johannesburg for Chandrayaan-3! The enthusiasm of our diaspora in South Africa for India’s achievements in the space sector is truly gladdening,” PM Modi tweeted on Wednesday.

The Indian diaspora was assembled in a Johannesburg hotel on Wednesday, and the Prime Minister posted photos of himself greeting them after the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

On Wednesday, Chandryaan-3 accomplished a gentle landing on the moon.

“Chandrayaan-3 Mission: ‘India, I reached my destination and you too!’ Chandrayaan-3 has successfully soft-landed on the moon! Congratulations, India!” ISRO tweeted

It was a significant milestone in India’s space programme as the Pragyaan rover, which was carried by the Vikram lander, touched down on the surface of the moon, giving ISRO’s many years of labour a well-deserved conclusion.

India has now achieved the distinction of being the first nation to touch down on the south pole of Earth’s sole natural satellite, joining the US, China, and Russia as the fourth nation to have successfully landed on the moon’s surface.

Throughout the nation, special screenings of the soft landing were planned for public institutions including schools and science institutes. The live broadcast was made available by ISRO on its website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and public television station DD National TV.

On July 14, the spacecraft was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

After Chandrayaan-3 was a success, PM Modi called ISRO chairman S Somanath from Johannesburg, South Africa, to congratulate him and let him know he would shortly be visiting them in Bengaluru to personally thank the entire crew.

“Somnath Ji, your name is Somnath, which is associated with the moon, and therefore your family members will also be very happy today. Many many congratulations to you and your entire team from my side,” PM Modi said in the telephone conversation.

“Please convey my greetings to everyone. If possible, I would personally greet you very soon,” he further said.

The Prime Minister watched the live stream of Chandrayaan-3’s landing online while he was attending the BRICS Summit in South Africa.