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Protests may hit Independence Day celebrations, warn intelligence agencies

The Independence Day celebrations at Red Fort may be marred by protests over a range of issues, according to a report by central intelligence agencies.

The Kuki and Meitei groups have reportedly been expressly cited by the intelligence services, along with the potential for “some anti-government elements” to fly flags, hold placards, and yell slogans during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech and the raising of the flag.

The most recent threat inputs and security readiness for Independence Day were discussed at a meeting recently convened by intelligence agencies in New Delhi.

The Special Protection Group (SPG), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), the Delhi Police, and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) were represented at the meeting.

The protests highlighted earlier were among the potential dangers that were shared and considered at the conference.

The proximity of Independence Day to the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi was one of the meeting’s primary issues. The discussion emphasised how any hostile occurrence leading up to or during the Independence Day celebration could harm the nation’s reputation and capacity to host the multinational conference.

The intelligence agencies also pointed out that different organisations have a history of using protests to draw attention to their causes before or during significant events.

An official told the media that from a security standpoint, the situation in Manipur, farmers’ requests, the Uniform Civil Code, and problems with labour or services were all taken into consideration for this year’s event.

According to reports, it has been suggested that the Delhi Police and other security agencies work with the police departments of adjacent states to monitor the formation and movement of possible demonstrators towards Delhi.

The request to perform reconnaissance of specific places in Delhi made by a Lashkar-e-Taiba member located in Pakistan was one of many important topics that the central intelligence agencies discussed. The National Investigation Agency and Delhi Police headquarters are two of these places.

According to a senior police officer, sufficient precautions have been made to prevent any unfavourable situations.