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Teen Girl in Ghaziabad Takes Her Life Hoping Her Brother Would Overcome Drug Addiction

Ghaziabad: In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a teenage girl tragically ended her life in a desperate attempt to save her brother from the clutches of drug addiction. The 16-year-old girl’s act of self-sacrifice, detailed in a heart-wrenching suicide note, reveals the devastating consequences drug addiction can have on the lives of not only the users but also their loved ones. This tragic incident sheds light on the pressing need for effective intervention and support systems to combat drug abuse among young individuals.

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Ghaziabad incident: The girl left a suicide note behind

In Ghaziabad a 16 year old girl hung herself from a ceiling fan at her house. According to Swatantra Kumar Singh, ACP Indirapuram the suicide note was pasted on the wall in which it was written “I am committing suicide so that my brother can give up drugs.” The teenager did not held anyone responsible for her suicide. She died in hope that her brother would give up drugs. The girl’s elder brother is now in jail under the POSCO Act. The officer further said that on Thursday when the mother saw the door locked she knocked on the door but after getting no response for quite a long time she called her neighbors to help after when the neighbors informed the police.

A team of police reached the spot and by breaking the latch of the door, they entered the room only to find out that the teenager hunged her herself to a ceiling fan leaving a suicide note behind. The police took the girl to a private hospital