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Asian Games 2022: India wins men’s 4x400m relay, gold for Neeraj Chopra

Asian Games 2022: In the men’s 4x400m relay on Wednesday, the team of Anas Muhammed Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh smashed the national record and won India its 18th gold medal at the Asian Games 2022 in Huangzhou, China.

The Indian team won the day’s second gold medal with a time of 3:01.58.

With a timing of 3:02.05s, which was a season best, Qatar took second place. Sri Lanka finished third with a time of 3:02.55s, breaking their own national record.

The Iraq team got disqualified from the event due to lane infringement.

While the Indian quartet were aiming for the gold, on the other side of the field Indian javelin throwers, Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jenna were in a league of their own competing for the gold in a highly engaging men’s final. While the rest were merely competing for the sole bronze medal finish.

There was stiff competition between two Indian athletes as both players attempted for gold, however, in the end, it was the defending champion who prevailed with his season best of 88.88.

Meanwhile, Jena showed his mettle in the event to clinch a silver medal after much competition with Neeraj.