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Desperation and Digital Obsession: Indian Couple Allegedly Sells Baby to Afford iPhone

West Bengal: In a concerning incident that highlights the extreme lengths some individuals may go to fulfill their materialistic desires, an Indian couple reportedly sold their baby to afford an iPhone. Driven by their obsession with owning luxury technology and posting glamorous travel content on Instagram, the couple’s actions reveal a disturbing side of society’s increasing dependence on social media validation.

According to The Indian Express, local authorities confirm that a married couple resorted to selling their child as they believed this drastic measure would finance the purchase of an iPhone. The couple purportedly hoped that possessing the coveted device would grant them the ability to create and share aspirational travel content on Instagram, enhancing their online presence.

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Indian couple sells baby to buy an Iphone

The couple who sold their 8 months old baby has been identified as Jaydev Ghosh and Sathi. Police said that the couple sold the baby to Priyanka Ghosh living in the same region as they are. According to ‘The Indian Express’ an official said that “After interrogation, the mother admitted to the crime and informed that she and her husband wanted to use the money to take trips across the state so that they could create content for Instagram reels.” It has also been reported that the baby’s father tried to sell the couple’s other child also who was a seven year old but the plan could not be executed. The father is on the run and the police is trying to find him.

While this incident stands out for its shocking nature, it also urges us to reflect upon the larger issues at play. It reflects a society where people may prioritize superficial material possessions over the well-being and future of their own children. The relentless pursuit of social media followers, likes, and shares has seemingly clouded the couple’s judgment. This incident should serve as a wake-up call, prompting us to reflect on the ethical implications of our actions in an increasingly technologically-driven society. It is imperative to prioritize the well-being of children, educate individuals about responsible technology use, and encourage a balanced approach towards social media.