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Tragic Outcome: Woman’s Rejection of Cousin’s Marriage Proposal Ends in Murder

Delhi murder: In a devastating turn of events, a woman’s rejection of her cousin’s marriage proposal led to a horrifying tragedy. The cousin, consumed by anger and resentment, ultimately took her life using an iron rod. This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing toxic behaviors and ensuring the safety of oneself and others. The man who killed his 25 year old cousin in a park was planning this murder since 3 days before executing his plan.

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Man murdered his 25 year old cousin with an iron rod 

 A horrifying incident in Delhi has shocked the nation as a man brutally murdered his cousin with an iron rod. Allegedly driven by anger and frustration over her refusal to marry him, the assailant’s violent act serves as a stark reminder of the toxic consequences that can arise from unrequited love and societal pressure. The man got frustrated on her cousin’s refusal to marriage and then decided to kill her, also he was finding difficult to make anyone agree to marry him.

The man first allegedly kill his 25-year old cousin in a park and then surrendered himself to police after commiting the crime. The girl who has been killed is identified as Nargis, a student of Kamala Nehru College, her body was found near Aurobindo college at a park in Malviya Nagar. The man who killed is identified as Irfan. An official said that “the entire issue basically has a love angle & denial for marriage. The victim and the accused are cousins. The deceased’s family had refused the boy for marriage since he was unemployed…Subsequently, the girl stopped talking to him…The boy was mentally disturbed…and therefore committed this crime today…He worked as a delivery boy and knew where the girl was taking coaching from. The accused has been identified as Irfan…”

This crime left the girl’s father in tears. While speaking to the media he said,”We need death penalty for the accused and nothing else. I had only one daughter. I won’t leave him.” The brutal murder of a young woman by her cousin due to her refusal to marry him highlights the urgent need to address toxic masculinity, societal pressure, and mental health issues. It is crucial to educate individuals about healthy relationships, consent, and the need to respect personal boundaries. By fostering a society that values open communication, supports mental well-being, and enforces strict legal measures, we can work towards preventing tragic incidents like this and protect the safety and autonomy of every individual.


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