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Mumbai Battling Record-Breaking Rain: Red Alert Issued as City Grapples with Wettest July Ever

Mumbai: This city is currently on high alert as it experiences its wettest July ever, causing widespread disruption and concern. In addition, a landslide at Nivali Ghat has blocked the Goa highway, leading to further challenges for travelers. Schools and colleges in Mumbai has been ordered to shut down after IMD issued ‘red alert’. This article will provide an overview of the situation, including the impact on Mumbai and the details of the Nivali Ghat landslide.

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Unprecedented Rainfall in Mumbai

Mumbai Battling Record-Breaking Rain: Red Alert Issued
Mumbai Battling Record-Breaking Rain: Red Alert Issued

Mumbai, known for its monsoon rains, has experienced an extraordinary amount of rainfall throughout the month of July. The city is witnessing the highest rain gauge readings in recent history, leading to severe flooding in several areas. The heavy downpour has disrupted daily life, affecting transportation, schools, offices, and essential services.

With the continuous rain pouring relentlessly, the local authorities have declared a red alert, warning citizens to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures. The red alert signifies the highest level of alertness, highlighting the potential risks involved due to extreme weather conditions. Residents are advised to stay indoors, avoid venturing into flooded areas, and follow instructions from authorities.

Officials said that a landslide occured in Nivali Ghat on the Ratnagiri-Mumbai Goa highway leading to disruptions in traffic. Adding to the already troubled situation, a landslide has occurred at Nivali Ghat, blocking the Goa highway. The landslide has caused a complete halt in traffic movement between Goa and Mumbai. This unfortunate incident has further complicated travel plans for those seeking to visit or return from Goa, leading to significant inconvenience and disruption. According to IMD’s latest weather update that Colaba has experience heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours. The unprecedented rainfall in Mumbai, resulting in the city’s wettest July ever, has necessitated a red alert, urging residents to stay safe and take necessary precautions.

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