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190 Muslims became Hindu in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: In a significant event that highlights the freedom of religion in India, 190 individuals from 35 Muslim families in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district have chosen to convert back to Hinduism. This decision comes as a personal choice for the families, reflecting their desire to embrace their ancestral faith.

The mass conversion ceremony took place in the Narmada river, where these families pledged their commitment to Hinduism in the presence of Hindu saints. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and joy as the families celebrated their decision to reconnect with their Hindu roots.

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35 Muslim families converted to Hindu in Madhya Pradesh

According to reports, these families were initially Hindu before converting to Islam four generations ago but they worshipped Chamunda Mata as their kuladevi (family deity). However, after living as Muslims for several years, they felt the need to re-establish their connection with Hindu culture and traditions. Mohammad Shah now Ram Singh said that their ancestors had to accept Islam under critical condition but sanatana dharma flowed in their veins. These families are originally from Ratlam district’s Amba village. According to historian Dilip Singh Muslim zamindars ruled over this area 200 years ago and they used to forcibly convert nomadic tribes to Islam.

The families who converted back to Hinduism spoke about their reasons for the decision. While some expressed a desire to reclaim their original faith, others cited disillusionment with certain aspects of their experience as Muslims. They felt that their cultural identity and practices were being compromised and wanted to return to Hinduism, which they regarded as their true heritage.

As India moves forward, events like this will continue to shape the narrative of religious harmony and individual freedom. The country’s diverse religious landscape, combined with its commitment to upholding freedom of religion, offers a unique platform for individuals to practice their faith and switch religions if they choose.