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Guyana plans to buy fighter aircraft, naval vessels from India

Guyana, a country in South America, is looking at opportunities for cooperation with India in several defence areas as part of a move to bolster its defensive capabilities and enhance connectivity.

The national security adviser for Guyana, Captain Gerald Gouveia, has voiced a strong desire to purchase two Dornier aeroplanes made by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), as well as other defensive hardware such patrol boats, armoured vehicles, radar systems, and anti-drone technologies.

Due to its reputation as a dependable transportation option, Guyana has shown an interest in the versatile twin-engine Dornier 228. The Dornier 228 is a perfect option for increasing connectivity and logistics in the area because HAL produces both transport and 19-seater civilian versions of the aircraft.

During Captain Gouveia’s tour to India, he had the chance to have fruitful conversations with several Indian businesses that supply services and goods for the defence industry. He wants to buy patrol boats because Guyana needs to protect its maritime borders and maintain maritime security.

Guyana’s pursuit of armoured vehicles also indicates the country’s dedication to upgrading its military capabilities. For troop movement, protection, and responsiveness in hazardous terrain or combat situations, armoured vehicles are crucial.

Guyana has also expressed interest in the Indian-made radar equipment that the nation intends to buy in order to improve situational awareness and enable the early detection of potential threats.

Recently, the use of drones has garnered attention, and Guyana’s interest in both drone technology and anti-drone systems shows that it understands the value of having both offensive and defensive capabilities in this area. Drones have demonstrated their usefulness in a variety of fields, including disaster relief, surveillance, and reconnaissance.