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Man bans the entry of ‘Dalit’ in temple got arrested

Man bans the entry of ‘Dalit’ in temple: In a shocking incident an MP man has made headlines for allegedly ‘banning’ the entry of Dalits in a temple built on his land. The incident has caused outrage and sparked a debate about caste discrimination and the violation of human rights. The man’s name was Prahlad Vishwakarma who has built a temple on his land and put up a board near the temple stating that the temple is a private property and not a public property.

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The man banned the entry of Dalits in temple

Man bans the entry of 'Dalit' in temple got arrested
Man bans the entry of ‘Dalit’ in temple got arrested

In a small village a man named Prahlad Vishwakarma has recently constructed a temple on his personal land. However controversy surrounds this temple as Vishwakarma has put up a board near the entrance explicitly stating that the place of worship is not a public property but a private one. Additionally the board bans the entry of Dalits raising concerns about social discrimination and reinforcing caste-based prejudices.

Dalits previously referred to as “untouchables are considered the lowest in India’s caste system. Despite legal protections and efforts to promote equality discrimination against Dalits still persists in various forms across the country. This incident has drawn attention once again to the prevalence of caste-based prejudice and exclusionary practices.

Prahlad Vishwakarma’s decision to build a temple on his land is within his rights as a property owner. However the controversy arises from the board he erected explicitly denying entry to Dalits. He has put up a board stating “Dalits are strictly forbidden from entering the temple.” The officials said that the member of Dalit community protested and staged a sit-in near the temple. Vishwakarma was arrested under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act.

he ban on Dalits from entering a public establishment such as a temple violates the principles of equality enshrined in India’s constitution. The Constitution of India guarantees every citizen the right to equality and freedom from discrimination on the bases of caste religion gender or ethnicity.