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Realme Buds Air 5 Review: Great features, perfect for music lovers

Realme Buds Air 5 Review: Realme Buds Air 5 has been launched in India for Rs 3,699. These are the company’s new true wireless stereo earbuds.

After using them for some time, how was our experience with them, we are telling you here in our detailed review. Let us know whether Realme Buds Air 5 proves to be a better option in this price point or not.


Realme Buds Air 5: How is the build quality?

The quality of its case is also good. We have got the Deep Sea Blue color of this TWS. Its case is quite smooth. It comes with glossy finish. Apart from blue, it comes with white color. I personally liked the blue color variant more.

An indicator is provided on the front of the case which gives information about the charging of the earbuds. It comes with USB-C charging port which is given at the bottom. It has a pairing button which when pressed and held for three seconds, it comes into pairing mode.

Its weight is 45.5 grams. It is easy to carry. These buds are quite lightweight and come with stem design. However, sometimes they fall easily while doing heavy workouts. Apart from this, there were no other problems with its design.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Realme Buds Air 5 has Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity through which it can easily connect to the phone. Once connected, there is no need to connect again and again.

These buds come with Google Fast Pair feature for which you have to press and hold the pairing button for 3 seconds. With this it goes into pairing mode. Then you have to turn on Bluetooth in your phone. Then open the charging case and follow the Google Fast Pair pop-up instructions. After this they will be connected easily.

It has a 45 ms low latency feature, due to which there will hardly be any lag between audio and video.


Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

It has 50 dB noise cancellation feature. With these earbuds you will get almost no outside noise. The noise cancellation feature worked well. By tapping and holding on either earbud, the transparency feature turns on. This disables the noise cancellation feature.

When it is switched on, outside sounds will start coming.

Both these features performed quite well.


How is the sound quality

It supports Dolby Atmos. It has 12.4mm mega titanizing driver and dynamic bass which improves the sound quality of these earbuds. Whether you listen to soft music or songs with heavy bass, the experience is going to be very good.

The sound quality was very good not only for listening to songs but also for watching series and movies. You will hear every detail of the video.

Along with this, it has been provided with 6 mic call noise cancellation which gives voice clarity during calling. In between, the problem of noise filter was seen once or twice.


Charging Capacity

The battery of their case is 460 mAh and the buds have a 43 mAh battery. The company has claimed that its battery can last for 38 hours once charged. In our case this claim proved to be almost correct.

After listening to songs continuously for two to three hours, its battery remained around 50 percent. Let us tell you that after charging for 10 minutes, its battery can last for 7 hours.


Touch Controls

With two taps on either side of the buds, music can be played or paused/calls answered or rejected.

Next track can be added on triple tap.

By pressing and holding any earbud for 2 seconds, you can switch to noise cancellation and transparency mode.

When you remove the earbuds from your ears, the music will automatically pause and when you put them back, they will automatically play.


Our verdict

Available in the range of Rs 3,699, the Realme Buds Air 5 is strong in terms of sound quality, noise cancellation and battery backup. The microphones could have been a little better. But Realme Buds Air 5 can prove to be a better option in this price point.