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Viral video sparks row over India’s weapon supplies to Armenia

A heated discussion on the purported delivery of weaponry built in India to Armenia has been sparked by a recent video that has been making the rounds on social media.

According to the footage, many trucks are transporting what look to be Pinaka rocket systems made in India that are allegedly on their way to Armenia. This development follows the acquisition of these systems by Armenia in a historic arms deal between the two countries last year.

However, the video’s veracity is still in doubt because its context and origins have not been independently confirmed. The Pinaka Rocket systems, which Armenia is said to have ordered from India, are shown being transported by a convoy of trucks in the video. The Pinaka system has attracted attention from numerous parties due to its advanced artillery capabilities.

Given that earlier this month, media sources from Azerbaijan claimed that India had sent artillery systems to Armenia, the debate intensifies. As a result, the Azerbaijan government officially protested the claim to the Indian ambassador in the nation. Azerbaijan, which has a protracted dispute with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, is well recognised for its support of Pakistan, particularly when it comes to issues involving Kashmir. As part of its regional strategic approach, India has been motivated by this alignment to forge tighter connections with Iran and Armenia.

Turkey, a nation with a long history of strong connections with Pakistan, has supported the military steps taken by Azerbaijan. The regional dynamics have also been complicated by Pakistan’s strategic support, which has prompted India to consider countermeasure alliances with Iran and Armenia. These alliances are viewed as a way to maintain equilibrium and safeguard India’s regional interests.

However, it’s crucial to remember that social media videos and reports should be viewed with caution, especially when discussing delicate geopolitical issues. Before making any inferences, it is important to properly analyse and verify the accuracy of the assertions made in the popular video.