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Unexpected Connections in Bengaluru: Rapido Driver on a Royal Enfield Unveils Surprising Similarities

Bengalaru: In the bustling city of Bengaluru, where people are always on the go, a mundane moment can sometimes turn into a surprising encounter. Such was the case for an engineer, who found himself in what could only be described as a “peak Bengaluru” moment.

It all began when the 22 year old engineer Nitish Patel, needed to book a ride using the popular app Rapido. Known for their quick two-wheeler rides, Rapido offers a convenient and affordable mode of transportation for city dwellers navigating through Bengaluru’s notorious traffic.

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Bengaluru: The rapido driver turns up in a Royal Enfield

On this particular day, Nitish was in a rush to attend an important meeting and decided to hail a Rapido instead of enduring the seemingly endless traffic snarls. Little did he know that this ride would offer more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. As Nitish eagerly awaited his ride, he couldn’t help but notice a Royal Enfield motorcycle approaching him. To his surprise, the rider parked the bike right in front of him. Nitish couldn’t help but be intrigued by this unusual sight.

As he hopped on the bike, Nitish struck up a conversation with the rider, whom he referred to as “captain.” It turned out that the captain was not just an ordinary Rapido rider but also an engineer with a true passion for riding motorcycles. This unexpected discovery immediately sparked a connection between the two. Nitish was on his way to a Kubernetes meetup and on further conversation with the the rapido driver he discovered that he’s a DevOps engineer at a company managing enterprise Kubernetes clusters.

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