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Cafe Coffee Day faces bankruptcy: Know here

Cafe Coffee Day: Coffee Day Global, one of India’s largest coffee chains and the parent company of Cafe Coffee Day, is reportedly facing bankruptcy proceedings. This comes as a significant blow to the company, which has been reeling under financial stress ever since its founder, VG Siddhartha, tragically passed away in July 2019. With mounting debt and operational challenges, Coffee Day Global has been struggling to navigate the tumultuous business landscape.

Coffee Day Global, founded in 1996, grew rapidly over the years to become a prominent player in the Indian coffee industry. Its retail chain, Cafe Coffee Day, became a beloved brand, offering a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse menu of coffees, beverages, and quick bites. The company’s expansion went beyond cafes, branching into coffee exports, vending machines, and even sustainable coffee plantations.

However, following Siddhartha’s unfortunate demise, Coffee Day Global’s financial troubles started to surface. The mounting debt, along with a decline in Café Coffee Day’s footfall and overall sales, put the company on a precarious financial edge.

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Cafe Coffee Day Bankruptcy Proceedings

Cafe Coffee Day faces bankruptcy: Know here
Cafe Coffee Day faces bankruptcy: Know here

Coffee Day Global which is a parent company to Cafe Coffee Day is now facing a bankruptcy case in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). As per a report of Economic times the petition was filed by IndusInd Bank. The CCD group has been slow to manage it’s debts since the death of it’s founder VG Siddhartha. If we see to the recent bankruptcy case it would be correct to say that these proceedings can slower down CCD’s journey to glory.

ccording to Economic Times, the report for bankruptcy against the company was admitted by the Bengaluru branch of NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) and the petition was filed by the IndusInd bank after the negotiations between the bank and firm broke down. According to the company’s annual reports it owed Rs 67.3 crores from IndusInd Bank as of March 31, 2022. The company is trying to lower it’s debts under the leadership of Malavika Hegde, wife of Siddhartha.

Coffee Day Global’s entry into bankruptcy proceedings is undoubtedly an unfortunate development for the once-prominent coffee chain. The company’s financial challenges, compounded by the loss of its visionary founder, have created a difficult environment to navigate. As Coffee Day Global fights for survival, stakeholders, employees, and customers will closely watch its progress, hoping for a positive outcome that safeguards the legacy and future of the beloved Cafe Coffee Day brand.