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G20 Summit: Is China’s jealousy of India behind Xi Jinping’s absence?

G20 Summit: India is hosting the G20 Summit. The G20 Summit is being organized in the capital Delhi on September 9 and 10. All the G20 heads of state including America, France, Britain are reaching India, but two major countries China and Russia have distanced themselves from it.

Both China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin are going to be absent from the G20 Summit in New Delhi. Russian President Putin called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and explained the reason for his not coming and said that his Foreign Minister will represent Russia on his behalf.

Meanwhile, in place of China’s President Xi Jinping, Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang will participate in the G20 summit. Chinese President Xi Jinping has harmed the interest of China by not attending the G20 Summit in Delhi.

By keeping away from the G20 Summit in New Deli, Chinese President Xi Jinping is doing himself a disservice. The absence of the Chinese President from the G20 in Delhi is harmful for China. This is going to benefit India.

India will be stronger at the G20 Summit in Delhi due to the absence of China. At the same time, the absence of Xi Jinping will tarnish the image of China in front of the world. The absence of China’s supreme leader has raised questions on China’s policy and how much importance it gives to the G20.

It is well known that China favours Russia in everything, supports it, but in the absence of Jinping, its words will not carry much weight.


Is China jealous of India?

Xi Jinping not coming to India in the G20 clearly shows China’s jealousy. China is not able to tolerate this event of India, its growing global power. India’s growing economy is not being digested by China. China, which is called the factory of the world, is going through a bad phase these days. Unemployment in China has exceeded 20 percent. People’s income is decreasing. Despite low inflation, people’s purchasing power is decreasing.

China’s real estate is declining, the debt on Chinese companies is increasing. Foreign companies are leaving China. Import-export is falling. China’s growth estimate has reached around 5 to 5.3 percent. Xi Jinping, the surveyor of China, is shattered in his pride. In such a situation, where will he be able to digest the progress of growing India.

Although his absence is not making any difference to India, on the contrary, China is being exposed in front of the world. Their increasing distance from India is also fatal for China’s economy. Not only China, by not coming on the stage of G20, he missed the opportunity to stand with America as well. US President Joe Biden has also criticized Jinping’s decision not to attend the G20. China cannot improve its economy by fighting with these countries. G20 was a big opportunity for him, which Jinping has missed.


India benefits from Xi Jinping’s G20 absence

Climate change will be discussed at the G20 summit. China is one of the countries that use fossil fuse fuel indiscriminately. When it was discussed in the summit, as usual, China used to obstruct it, but in the absence of the Chinese President, there would be no weight in his words or in opposition to him. Hosted by India and led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this time the performance of the G20 summit is expected to be better. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has also clearly said about this that the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping will not affect the G20 summit.


China’s G20 absence increases distance with India

Xi Jinping has attended every G20 summit since he became the President of China. This is the first time that he has distanced himself from this convention. The dispute between China and India is not hidden from anyone, in such a situation, Jinping’s distance from G20 has worked to increase the distance between the two countries. Jinping not coming to G20 is like giving a big blow to the steps to improve the relationship between the two countries.

China is not able to digest the growing global power of India. Jinping is trying to avoid going to any forum where the impression of India’s growing global image is visible. China’s habit of dominating cannot be fulfilled in the G20, in such a situation, Jinping decided to distance himself from this summit.