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Good news for women: PM Modi slashes LPG cylinder price on Women’s Day

LPG Cylinder Price: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced the reduction in the prices of LPG cylinders by Rs 100.

Modi posted about the development on his official X handle, and said: “Today, on Women’s Day, our Government has decided to reduce LPG cylinder prices by Rs. 100. This will significantly ease the financial burden on millions of households across the country, especially benefiting our Nari Shakti.”

“By making cooking gas more affordable, we also aim to support the well-being of families and ensure a healthier environment. This is in line with our commitment to empowering women and ensuring ‘Ease of Living’ for them,” he added.

This announcement comes after the government decided to continue providing economically disadvantaged women with the Ujjwala Yojana subsidy of Rs 300 per LPG cylinder for the upcoming fiscal year beginning on April 1.

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For domestic households in Delhi, the cost of an LPG cylinder is currently Rs 903. The cost of the cooking gas cylinder would be reduced to Rs 803 with today’s reduction. The going rate in Mumbai is Rs 902.5, whereas it is sold for Rs 929 in Kolkata and Rs 918.50 in Chennai.

In October of last year, the government increased the subsidy to Rs 300 per 14-point2-kg cylinder, from Rs 200 per cylinder for up to 12 refills per year. This Rs 300 per cylinder subsidy was available during the current fiscal year, which ended on March 31.

The Modi government’s declaration arrives amidst the nation’s anticipation of the Lok Sabha Elections dates, which the Election Commission of India may reveal shortly. The decision to decrease the price of LPG cylinders is viewed as the BJP’s endeavor to appeal to women voters prior to the forthcoming general elections.

Ahead of the assembly elections in five states in August of last year, the government had also lowered the LPG price by Rs 200 per cylinder.

In another tweet, Modi extended his best wishes to everyone on International Women’s Day. “We salute the strength, courage, and resilience of our Nari Shakti and laud their accomplishments across various fields. Our government is committed to empowering women through initiatives in education, entrepreneurship, agriculture, technology and more,” he said.