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Hamas gets exposed to Israel attacks as human shields decrease

Evacuations from the Gaza Strip into Egypt through the Rafah crossing resumed on Friday after being suspended for a day, according to Egyptian security and medical sources. This included both Palestinians in need of urgent medical treatment and those holding foreign passports.

However, as more and more people leave the Gaza Strip thanks to the humanitarian pauses, Hamas, the militant group, is at risk of Israeli strikes because they are quickly running out of human shields left behind by the evacuations.

For the past five days, we have been arranging humanitarian pauses to allow Gazans to safely evacuate to the north. Approximately 900,000 Palestinians have made the wise decision. A spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, stated that Hamas is becoming more and more vulnerable without their human shields.

Following bombardments on the route within Gaza leading to the border, departures from Rafah, the only crossing to the besieged enclave that does not border Israel, were halted on Wednesday for a second time. However, since Friday morning, the evacuations have started again, and Hamas terrorists are quickly losing faith in their military tactic of claiming that attacks and injuries are occurring among civilians in the Gaza Strip, which is still heavily populated.

It is purported that 695 foreign passport holders and their dependents, including Egyptians, were permitted to pass on Thursday. People with knowledge of the development said that ten companions and twelve medical evacuees had entered Egypt.

On November 1, approximately 7,000 foreign passport holders, dual nationals and their families, and a small number of patients in need of immediate medical attention started to be evacuated from Gaza through Rafah.

Meanwhile, according to its morning update, the Israel Defence Forces attacked Hamas’ naval capabilities on Friday morning. According to a statement, “IDF troops killed numerous Hamas Nukbha terrorists who participated in the 7 October massacre.”

Nukbha are naval commandos who are part of Hamas’ military wing, Al Qassam Brigades, special forces unit.

In west Jabalya, the IDF claimed to have killed Omar Al-Hindi, the commander of a platoon, and Ahmed Musa, the commander of a company. Additionally, though these reports are unverified, it claimed to have killed Mohammed Kahlout, the leader of Hamas’ northern brigade’s sniper array.

The IDF also said that it had found and destroyed a shipping container that it claimed was filled with armaments.