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Hidden treasures of Chandni chowk

Chandni Chowk, Delhi: Delhi has always been connected to the deep roots of history whether it’s by origin or by being hub of India’s ancient markets.Chandni chowk is a place
that has still maintained its ancient essence.

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So let’s dive deep into some hidden places in Chandni Chowk, Delhi with great significance from past to present.

Hidden Treasures of Chandni Chowk
Hidden Treasures of Chandni Chowk

Chudi market- Coming straight from the history of Mughals , Dharampura is the area still
standing straight with lots of history and stories around it. Dharampura’s
famous chudi market is the market established 100 years back, consisting of
many kinds of bangles and bracelets which can be customised and peard
according to the person’s choice. Many brides get their bangles set
personalised with the name of their loved ones engraved on it. Different types
of bangles like Kundan ,seroski ,pearls, Meena ,mirror, laakh,metal and
unbreakable bangles also.

Kachori and suparies-Then comes a small shop with great taste of kachori that is famous all overthe Chandni chowk named Tara chand ki kachori is an authentic shop
established by Tarachand Jain. This is the only shop which uses filtered well
water which has great significance in Jainism. World knows Chandni chowk
for its famous street food and appetisers but a lesser known fact about
Chandni chowk is its famous purani Delhi aam papad and suparies(flavoured
betel nuts). Few steps away from dharampura pahad wali gali consists of a
small shop which has a world of flavoured betel nuts around India presented
on a platter. Some specialities from Kolkata to silver work betel nuts can
refresh the mood and taste of any person, different kinds of aam purpose and
dried gingers, from anardana to hingoli ,from digesters to amazing mouth
watering candies.

The lines of worshippers- People does know about Chandni chowk and its diversity but do people know that there is a proper line in which all worship houses of religions are present like Lal Mandir or digambar Jain Lal Mandir , Gauri Shankar Mandir, shish
ganj Sahib gurdwara,a Church and lastly fatehpuri masjid.

Shopping and temples- People know about the river Kalan but do they know about a lesser known place called pucha kucha mahajani which is the market for wholesale
jewellery of gold and diamonds, Amar market is also a place which is famous
for artificial wholesale jewellery. When we are talking about temples, we
should not forget about the temples situated between Majid khajur to kucha
Seth which consist of 8 archaeological department verified temples of jains
that are 200 years old. Naya Jain Mandir is a temple which does not consist of
any electricity source and still shines with the most beautiful interiors of the
temple. People here in Chandni chowk have Deep faith and believe in these
beautiful temples and energies released by them.

Inderprastra Hindu Girls Sr.Secondary school- When we talk about Chandni chowk how can we forget about the most important part which made and history that is the establishment of Delhi’s first school only for women which is Indraprastha senior secondary school established by late lala jugal kishore in 1904.This 100 + years old school is the
school of famous kamla nehru,Dina Pathak.

This article has been written by Ishika Jain, working as an intern in Vidhan News.