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IAF Day: Indian Air Force to unveil new ensign

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will unveil a new ensign on Sunday as part of the celebrations to mark the 91st IAF Day

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari will reveal the new IAF ensign. According to IAF, the new ensign will have the Air Force Crest in the upper right corner, on the fly side.

Indian Air Force (IAF) was once known as Royal Indian Air Force during the British rule. The Union Jack appeared in the top left canton while the RIAF roundel (Red, White, and Blue) appeared on the fly side of its ensign.

Following independence, the Union Jack was replaced with the Indian tricolour, and the RAF roundels in the lower right canton were swapped out for the IAF tricolour roundels to produce the Indian Air Force ensign.

The words “Satyameva Jayate” are written in Devanagari beneath the national emblem of the IAF, the Ashoka lion. A Himalayan eagle with its wings wide, representing the fighting might of the IAF, is depicted beneath the Ashoka lion.

The words “Indian Air Force” are encircled by a light blue ring around the Himalayan eagle. Under the Himalayan eagle, golden Devanagari script bearing the IAF’s slogan “Nabha Sparsham Deeptam” is written.

The IAF’s motto, ‘Radiant Thou Touchest Heaven’, or ‘Touching the Sky with Glory’, is borrowed from the Bhagavad Gita’s Chapter 11 verse 24.