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India’s PSLV-C56 rocket to take 7 Singapore satellites into space today

India will send seven satellites, including Singapore’s DS-SAR satellite, into space with the PSLV-C56 rocket on Sunday.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) informed in a statement that the countdown for the launch began on Saturday.


PSLV-C56 is the mission of NewSpace India Limited

The PSLV-C56 launch will be done from ISRO’s Sriharikota in a short while. Other small satellites include Velox AM, Arcade, Scoob-III, Nullion, Gelesia-2 and ORB-12 Strider. PSLV-C56 is a mission of NewSpace India Limited, the commercial arm of ISRO.


Two satellites were launched in April by PSLV rocket

This PSLV-C56 mission will be ISRO’s third commercial mission in 2023. ISRO had earlier in March launched 36 satellites belonging to UK’s OneWeb with LVM3 rocket. After this, two satellites of Singapore were launched from PSLV rocket in April. The DS-SAR has been developed under a partnership between Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and Singapore’s ST Engineering.


Satellite information

It carries the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, which is capable of taking pictures in all weather conditions. Whereas, Velox AM is a microsatellite.

Atmospheric Coupling and Dynamics Explorer (ARCADE) is an experimental satellite. Scoob is a nanosatellite. Gelesia-2 will orbit in the lower orbit of the Earth.


ORB-12 Strider developed under international collaboration

ORB-12 Strider has been developed under international collaboration. Velox AM, Arcade, Scoob- III has been developed by Nanyang Technological University, Ringapur.

Nulion Nuspace Pte. Ltd. is related to. Gelesia-2 has been developed by the National University of Singapore and ORB-12 Strider has been developed by Aliena Pte Ltd, Singapore.