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Pakistan: Leave Balochistan in 90 days, BLA warns China

On Sunday morning, China got a bad news from Gwadar in the Balochistan province of Pakistan as the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked a convoy of Chinese engineers in the strategic port city.

It was a suicide attack in which four Chinese citizens were reported to be killed along with at least 11 Pakistan Army soldiers. The BLA has named this attack as ‘Operation Zir Pahjag’.

After the attack on Sunday, the BLA announced the completion of the third phase of this mission. The BLA also gave an ultimatum to China to evacuate its citizens from Balochistan within 90 days.


Major attack in Balochistan

Gwadar in Balochistan is a port city and several projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are being implemented here. Many workers from China are present here because of these CPEC projects.

“A convoy of Chinese engineers going from the airport to the Gwadar port was targeted by the organisation’s Majeed Brigade. The BLA attacked around 9.18 am. Many vehicles were present in the convoy which was targeted. Chinese engineers were on board and they were also heavily guarded. Engineers were walking under the cover of security cover of Pakistan Army, Police, ATF and an armored vehicle,” BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement.


Bullets rained for 30 minutes

According to the BLA, the attack took place near the judicial complex of Chairman Ishaq Chowk. BLA rebels reportedly fired at the convoy of the Chinese engineers for about 30 minutes. Hand grenades were used to bring the convoy to a halt before the firing started. As a result, four Chinese citizens and 11 Pakistani security personnel were killed in the attack while several others were injured.


BLA reveals identities of ‘fidayeen’ attackers

The BLA has revealed the identities of the Baloch ‘fidayeen’ attackers who carried out the attack. In a statement, the BLA informed that Naveed Baloch and Maqbool Baloch carried out the attack.

Jeeyand Baloch has described these two as ‘soldiers’ who held their ground against the Pakistan Army till their ammunition ran out. They then reportedly took their own lives in order to evade capture.

“In a self-sacrificing operation today in Gwadar, two Fidayeen of BLA Majeed Brigade, Naveed Baloch alias Aslam Baloch of Dasht Nigor and Maqbool Baloch alias Qayim Baloch of Geshkor Awaran, targeted a convoy of Chinese engineers. This operation ZirPahazag continued for more than two hours. According to the information received so far, at least four Chinese nationals and nine personnel of Pakistani military, were killed and several were injured. This is preliminary information and the number of enemy losses could rise,” the BLA statement read.

“After the successful execution of the operation, the BLA fighters chose their last bullets to end their own lives” the statement added.


BLA tells China to vacate Balochistan in 90 days

The BLA has also given a clear message to China. The BLA has said that China has occupied Balochistan. Also, projects like CPEC are being implemented in Balochistan, which are being opposed by the Baloch rebels.

If the BLA is to be believed, they have repeatedly asked China to stay away from Balochistan. According to BLA, whatever China is doing comes only under the exploitation of Baloch citizens. He has made it clear that no foreign investment will be allowed until Balochistan gets independence.

Along with this, the BLA gave an ultimatum of 90 days to China to withdraw from Balochistan. The BLA has made it clear that if China does not leave within these days, then it will have to be prepared for more attacks.