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Using Google Chrome? Do this immediately to avoid any risk

Important news for Google Chrome users. The government has issued an advisory stating that Google Chrome has many flaws.

The government’s security agency Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has said that millions of Google Chrome users around the world need to remain alert. There are many flaws in Google Chrome that may badly affect the data and system of the users.

CERT-In has placed this matter at very high-risk. Work is being done on these flaws so that users can be removed from risk. CERT-In has informed Google about this. It has been said that hackers work to execute code in the user’s device and bypass security. Due to this, user’s personal information gets leaked and hackers misuse it.

CERT-In listed these flaws:

  •  CERT-In has also included CVE-2023-4863 in this list, through which hackers can badly affect the software version.
  • If you use Mac and Linux, Google Chrome version before 116.0.5845.188
  • If you use Windows, Google Chrome version before 116.0.5845.187
  • If you use desktop version of Mac and Linux, then Google Chrome version before 117.0.5938.62
  • If you use a desktop version of Windows, Google Chrome versions earlier than 117.0.5938.62/.63

How to stay safe:

To avoid such flaws, CERT-In has said that users will have to secure their data immediately. Update Google Chrome. For this, go to the official website of Google Chrome. Update the browser immediately from here. This will end this problem.