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Why many in Iran are celebrating Ebrahim Raisi’s death

Many videos and stories have surfaced showing Iranians in Iran as well as across the world  celebrating President Ebrahim Raisi’s death in helicopter accident, even as hundreds gathered in the main squares of major cities such as Tehran and Mashhad  to pray for him.

The notorious conservative preacher gained the nickname “The Butcher of Tehran” for his suspected involvement in the 1988 mass killings. He placed severe restrictions on society. Hundreds of people gathered in Tehran and Mashhad after the helicopter crash to offer prayers and hope for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s recovery.

Sadly, their aspirations were short-lived when Raisi’s death was reported by news outlets, who highlighted the many, particularly young people, heartbroken expressions.

Following the helicopter crash, a country-wide five-day official mourning period was announced by Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

“This bitter tragedy took place while he was serving the people. The entire period that this great, self-sacrificing man held various responsibilities, both during his presidency and before that, he was totally dedicated to serving the people and Islam nonstop,” Khamenei posted on his official X account.

sizable segment of the population, mostly women, rejoiced at the