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Woman assaulted an elderly man in Ghaziabad over feeding dogs- See video

Ghaziabad: In an unfortunate incident that unfolded in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a woman was arrested for assaulting an elderly man who was feeding stray dogs near his home. The woman’s actions have sparked outrage and reinvigorated the ongoing debate on animal welfare and civic responsibility. A video of the incident went viral where 23 year old Simran was seen beating and abusing 79 year old Roopnarayan Mehra. This incident took place in Panchsheel society in Ghaziabad Crossing Republic. In the video it is seen that few people tried to stop the woman but she refused to listen.

The woman has been arrested by the Ghaziabad police

 An official uploaded a video on Instagram saying that “We have received a complaint that a dog lover thrashed an elderly man. We have registered a case and sent the woman to jail.” Several users are commenting on the video. One user commented that “Irrespective of the circumstances, beating an elderly man with a stick in public in the presence of some mute spectators is highly condemnable. The society should be ashamed of such an incident.” Another user wrote “Commendable work done by Ghaziabad police.”

Many citizens remain unaware of the importance of feeding and protecting stray animals. Local authorities and animal welfare organizations may need to collaborate to organize awareness campaigns and outreach programs to spread the message. The incident serves as a stark reminder that acts of violence and aggression should never be tolerated, and that animal welfare should be a collective concern. It is hoped that this incident prompts local authorities and citizens to reflect on their attitudes towards stray animals and foster a more compassionate and understanding society, where both humans and animals can coexist harmoniously.

This incident has reignited discussions about the lack of animal welfare laws and awareness in the region. Animal activists argue that the prioritization of animal rights and compassionate treatment is crucial for building a more humane society. They advocate for stricter legislation against animal abuse and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.