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World Cup 2023: Glenn Maxwell 201* knock against Afghanistan is greatest ODI knock ever in cricket history

Probably Maxwell's 201* off 128 balls is the greatest knock ever played in the history of the ODI format of the game. 

On 7 November 2023 at the grand stage of the International Cricket Council (ICC) One Day International (ODI) World Cup at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, young and determined Afghanistan dominated the mighty Australia for a while in the game. The five-time champions were down on 49 for 4, then after that Glenn Maxwell came at the crease. The right-hand batter snatched the victory from the jaws of the roaring Afghans. He single-handedly took Australia from 49 to 293 and played the innings that will be remembered for the ages to come. Probably Maxwell’s 201* off 128 balls is the greatest knock ever played in the history of the ODI format of the game.

Glenn Maxwell stands tall against Afghanistan

Despite Afghanistan’s formidable spin bowling quartet, Australia’s Glenn Maxwell, known for his ability to handle spin effectively, faced a unique challenge in a particular match. Maxwell typically employs a range of shots like sweeps, reverse sweeps, and slog sweeps to tackle spin bowlers. However, in this instance, he was unable to use his usual repertoire of shots due to a physical constraint.

Injured Maxwell, dangerous Maxwell

The passage describes how Maxwell adapted to the situation. Despite being unable to move, he used his strong wrists and batted from a standing position. Even his signature shot, where he clears the front leg and dispatches the ball over the leg side, had to be executed differently, as he only had one leg to stand on.

In this unusual circumstance, Maxwell showcased his adaptability and skill, making the best of a challenging situation.

Glenn Maxwell scores double-hundred with injury

In the 47th over of the match, the situation was tense as Australia needed 60 runs to win off 60 balls, with Glenn Maxwell standing at just 58 runs short of a remarkable double century. Aussies skipper Pat Cummins recognized that Maxwell’s physical condition wouldn’t allow him to run between the wickets anymore. Therefore, he devised a strategy to secure those remaining runs through boundaries.

Glenn Maxwell only deals with boundries

Maxwell and Cummins’ plan was straightforward, Cummins would handle one end, ensuring no runs were scored, while Maxwell would remain stationary and focus on hitting boundaries. This strategy took Afghanistan by surprise, and Maxwell executed it with determination. He hammered the bowlers with consecutive boundaries, including lofting one over deep third, smashing another over deep midwicket, and hitting a six to secure the victory.

Glenn Maxwell’s heroic innings

Despite the physical strain and dehydration, Maxwell’s determination was unwavering. In the end, he hit the boundary that not only won the match but also marked his extraordinary double-century. As the crowd erupted, Maxwell stood on the pitch, arms raised, with a wide smile on his face. It was a moment of victory, a victory that will be remembered for generations to come. Cricket fans and pundits will remember Australia vs Afghanistan as Maxwell against Afghanistan. Where Maxwell stood and he stood tall.

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