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Bhojpuri artist raped in Gurugram- Know the case

 Gurugram: In a horrifying incident, a 24-year-old Bhojpuri artiste fell victim to a heinous crime when she was allegedly raped by her Instagram friend. The incident unfolded at a hotel in a city, where the young woman had been lured under the pretext of an interview. According to reports, the artist had connected with the suspect on Instagram, believing him to be a genuine acquaintance. They had developed a friendship over time, leading to a proposal for an interview opportunity that could potentially further her career.

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Know what else the Bhojpuri artist said to the police

Bhojpuri artist raped in Gurugram- Know the case
Bhojpuri artist raped in Gurugram- Know the case

In her complaint to Police, the Bhojpuri artist said that she is a Bhojpuri artist and currently lives in Delhi. The police said that the artist has a huge fan base or following on Instagram where she is quite active and regularly posts photos and videos. The police further said that the artist in her complaint said that “A few days ago I came in contact with a person named Mahesh Pandey through Instagram, who offered me work in the Bhojpuri film industry and on June 29 he called me to a hotel in Udyog Vihar area in Gurugram on the pretext of an interview.”

Further in the complaint she said “When I reached the hotel, Mahesh had already booked a room where he took me and after asking some questions he started having alcohol and when after all this I started leaving, he forced himself on me and raped me.” The actor also said that the rapist threatened to kill her and later gave her number to his few friends who used to call her and threatened her to post her private videos online. The police registered a case against Mahesh Pandey who was found to be a resident of Chakarpur area in Gurugram.

This shocking incident highlights the dangers of online interactions and the vulnerability individuals may experience when trusting virtual connections. While social media platforms provide opportunities for networking and professional growth, it is crucial to exercise caution and verify the credibility of individuals before meeting them in person.