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Manipur Violence -Protest broke out after the viral video

Manipur Violence: In a shocking and deeply disturbing turn of events, a graphic video has emerged from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, showing two women being forced by a baying mob to walk naked. The video has sparked outrage and brought attention to the months-long sectarian conflict that has been tearing the state apart. The video, which originally surfaced on social media, depicts a horrific scene where the two women are stripped of their dignity and subjected to humiliation and abuse by a mob. They are forced to walk naked while being verbally assaulted and threatened by the group of ‘clothed men’.

This incident happened on May 4 according to ITLF (Indigenous Tribal Leader’s Forums) but police came into action only when the video got viral this week. On Twitter Manipur police has described the incident as a “a case of abduction, gang rape and murder.” Officials have said that police raids are going on and four people have been arrested related to this matter.

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PM Narendra Modi adressed the situation in Manipur

Manipur Violence -Protest broke out after the viral video
Manipur Violence -Protest broke out after the viral video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time adressed the situation in Manipur for the first time. He said that “My heart is filled with grief and anger. The incident in Manipur can never be forgiven, the law will take it’s course with all it’s might.” On the other hand the court said on Thursday that the Manipur government should take “immediate action to hold perpetrators accountable and to ensure that such incidents are not repeated again.” The court further said that “Using women as instruments for perpetrating violence is simply in a constitutional democracy.”

Chief Minister of Manipur, Biren Singh said on Thursday that “all efforts will be made for death penalty” and further said that Manipur government which is headed by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) will not tolerate crime against women and our sisters and that the culprits will recieve punishment whatever will be decided by the court. He further said that even though the punishment will be decided by the court but the government will ensure that the culprits are receiving the highest punishment ever received in the state.

Clashes have been in the state capital Imphal since May 3 after thousand of students mostly from the minority that is Kuki Tribe took part in rally against the majority tribe that is Meitei Ethnic community. More than 100 people were killed in this. The incident of group of “clothed men” making two tribal women parade nakedly occured on May 4 after the women’s village was burnt down and two men of the same community as of women were beaten to death.