HomeTrendingMarried woman from Rajasthan went to Pakistan to meet her lover

Married woman from Rajasthan went to Pakistan to meet her lover

Alwar, Rajasthan: In the realm of love boundaries and societal norms often fade away making way for clandestine affairs and forbidden connections. Such is the captivating story of a married woman from Rajasthan who defied societal expectations and traversed borders to meet her lover in Pakistan. This cross-border love story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of love while simultaneously highlighting the complexities and challenges that arise when boundaries are crossed. After the recent love story of Seema crossing the borders for Sachin now a 35 year old married woman from Alwar, Rajasthan crossed the borders for her lover whom she met on Facebook. She told her husband that she is going to Jaipur instead of Pakistan.

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Anju entered Pakistan legally

Married woman from Rajasthan went to Pakistan to meet her lover
Married woman from Rajasthan went to Pakistan to meet her lover

Anju’s husband whose name is Arvind came to know about his wife visit to Paistan on Sunday itself and he was shocked. He contacted her over Whatsapp where she confirmed that currently she is in Deer town of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Let us tell you that on one side where Seema entered India illegaly without proper documents while on the other side Anju went to meet her Facebook friend Narsullah in Pakistan with proper visa of Pakistan for 30 days.

On Sunday Aaj News of Pakistan quoted that SHO of Upper Dir police station, Javed Khan has said that Anju had a visa and she has entered Pakistan legally. No sooner did the news broke in than a team of Rajasthan officers reached the residence in Alwar where Anju stayed with her husband and informed him that his wife has crossed Wagah Border in Punjab and that she was granted visa in May 4 of this year.

In a recent interview with Times Of India, Arvind said that “Anju has assured me that she will return in few days.” When Arvind was asked that if he knew that she was in contact with a Pakistani man and that he sponsored her visa and trip to Pakistan. He said “Three years ago, she had got her passport. She said then that she needed it to explore chances in other countries for work. She is working in a private company. Arvind further appealed to the media to not make it a “Hindu-muslim love story.” He also clarified that Anju and he is Christians.