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Sachin’s cousins held for making changes to the documents

Sachin and Seema: After the interrogation of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) with Seema Haider, the police are now waiting for the forensic report of the mobile phone recovered after the interrogation. In the interrogation the police questioned Seema Haider, Sachin Meena and Sachin’s father Netrapal. After the interrogation police recovered 2 cassettes, one unused passport where name and address was incomplete, four mobile phones and 5 authorised Pakistani passports. Let us tell you that the Noida police has sent the documents which have been received from Seema Haider to Pakistani Embassy for verification of her identity. However in an interview with Aaj Tak Seema has claimed that she hasn’t deleted any data from her phone.

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Sachin’s cousins held for making changes to the documents 

Sachin's cousins held for making changes to the documents
Sachin’s cousins held for making changes to the documents

An India Today report stated that Sachin’s cousins Pushpendra and Pawan Meena has been arrested by the ATS squad from Bulandshahr on suspicion of tampering the documents that are related to Sachin and Seema. They are arrested by the UP ATS from a public servic center where they were employed. The ATS suggested that Seema should go back to Pakistan but Seema reciprocated it saying that her life would be under threat if she goes back to Pakistan. She even says that she is ready to be arrested in India but will never go back to Pakistan.

However Prashant Kumar, Uttar Pradesh Special Director General that it would be inappropriate to say if Seema is a spy until we have enough proof to claim that Seema is a spy. On the other hand Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have conveyed to the Indian government that the sole purpose of Seema crossing borders with her 4 children is love and nothing else. Sachin Meena has written to Draupadi Murmu to grant Seema citizenship of India.

Let us tell you that Seema Haider came all the way from Pakistan to Dubai and after then Nepal where she married Sachin whom she met on online gaming platform PUBG. She came along with her 4 children.