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Woman lost over Rs 13 lakh for liking and subscribing Youtube channel-Know here

Greater Noida: In a distressing incident, a woman fell victim to a fake job offer that resulted in her losing over Rs 13 lakh. The scam involved enticing the victim with the promise of monetary rewards in exchange for liking and subscribing to YouTube videos. The woman, searching for employment opportunities, came across an advertisement claiming to offer a well-paying job. The scammers cleverly lured her by promising financial incentives for engaging with YouTube content. They instructed her to like and subscribe to specific videos as a part of the job requirement.

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A woman lost over Rs 13 lakh for a fake job offer for liking and subscribing Youtube channel

Woman lost over Rs 13 lakh for liking and subscribing Youtube channel-Know here
Woman lost over Rs 13 lakh for liking and subscribing Youtube channel-Know here

Kartika, a resident of Panchsheel Hynish society in Greater Noida was trapped in a fradulent act where she lost over Rs 13 lakh. She recieved a message offering job that would be on work from home basis. She just have to like and subscribe Youtube videos for monetary funds. Blinded by the prospect of easy money, the victim complied with the scammers’ instructions and began liking and subscribing to the suggested videos. She was under the impression that the rewards would start pouring in shortly. She further engaged with the fraudsters on Telegram where they promised her daily returns from Rs 50 to Rs 5000.

At first the scammers credited Rs 150 to Kartika on liking and subscribing the Youtube channel. She was then influenced by the immediate payout and continued doing the tasks. The scammers then influenced her to invest in a fake website named Nasdaq, claiming that she would get more in return. Kartika then invested Rs 2000 and the scammers returned Rs 3150 in return on the same day itself. The scammers continued to persuade Kartika for a higher amount that is Rs 5000, Rs 30,000 and Rs 90,000. Kartika then after a time questioned them that why she is not getting money or profits in return. The scammers then told her that she has failed a third task and she has to send a higher amount.

Kartika continued sending money hoping to receive profits which led her to apply for personal loans. The scammers demanded more money, they demanded for Rs 15 lakh saying that it is needed to receive the past payments. Kartika and her husband believed them and continued to pay the fraudsters. After all these they again demanded for Rs 5,20,000 without clearing the earlier payments. It was then the couple realized that they had fallen prey to a fraudulent scheme. Instead of receiving the promised rewards, she found her hard-earned money gradually draining from her bank account. In total, she suffered a loss of more than Rs 13 lakh. However police made attempts for recovering the money from the fake website Nasdaq but it was futile.